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Clothes Moths

Clothes moths prefer dark secluded places.  They tend to hide when disturbed and therefore they often go undetected until damaged, clothes, furs, or fabrics are found.  Close examination of damaged fabric may reveal tiny silken threads spun by moth larvae.  It is the moth larvae that damage fabric.

Although clothes moths feed on other fabrics, they prefer wool, furs, and animal fibers (hair and feathers).  Clothes, rugs, draperies, upholstered furniture, and pillows are often damaged.  Damage usually shows up as holes or etching in fabric.

There are 2 common forms of clothes moth; webbing clothes moths and case-making clothes moths. Adult moths are normally less than ¼ inch long.  Their larvae are tiny, whitish, and worm-like. You can help control these moths by:

  • Storing infested items for 3+ days in a freezer below 18°F.
  • Heating infested items for 30+ minutes over 120°F.
  • Dry clean infested items.
  • Wash infested items in hot water.
  • Hang infested items in bright sunlight.
  • Furs should be professionally treated and stored.

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