Job Application

Complete Pest Control   

32 Mack

Batesville, AR  72501

(870) 612-7378                                                     Help Wanted

Complete Pest Control

Complete Pest Control is a locally owned termite and pest control company founded in 2001.  We have been steadily growing since inception and have a job opening for a full-time position.  Applicants must submit to background investigation and regular drug testing.


Benefits                               Paid Vacation                                     Company Vehicle

Paid Holidays                                     Consistent Paycheck

Cell Phone                                          Bonus Opportunities

Retirement Plan                               Paid Snow Days


Job Description

  • General – Complete Pest Control typically works 8-hour days, Monday through Friday. Work hours are somewhat flexible.  Technicians must be comfortable working in cramped locations such as crawl spaces and attics.  Regulated chemicals must be precisely mixed and properly dispensed, adhering to strict environmental and safety regulations.


  • Pest Control – Pest control technicians must be able to investigate sources of pest infestations and apply products as needed to eradicate them. Technicians will be trained in pest control techniques and on the use of numerous pest control products.


  • Termite Treatment –Technicians will be trained to thoroughly examine structures and to identify termite activity and conditions that are conducive to the formation of termite colonies. Attention to detail is vital.



Trust –                  There is no more important quality than honesty.  Applicants must be 100% trustworthy to join the Complete Pest Control team.

Self Manager –                 Employees of Complete Pest Control will be required to efficiently manage their day.  The ability to adhere to a planned schedule, effectively communicate with office personnel, and interact with customers is critical.

Work Ethic –       A strong work ethic is required.  This company has built a reputation of excellence through customer service.  We arrive to appointments on time and we don’t cut corners.  Technicians must be accustomed to manual labor, capable of estimating job costs, and willing to solicit new business.


Please call (870) 612-7378 if you are interested in applying for employment with Complete Pest Control.